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Entrapped is an experimental short text-adventure game, a mix between interactive fiction and a classic adventure game.

Original music by Andrea Baroni

Technologies & Tools: Unity

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Playing With Science

Playing With Science is an on-going educational game that aims to teach young kids about basic science recreating experiments in the form of mini-games.
Created in collaboration with Mnemosyne (currently under fundings research).

Original music by Andrea Baroni

Technologies & Tools: Unity, Blender, Adobe Creative Suite

If you are on Safari or Firefox you can play the online demo:

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EuroMed Game

The EuroMed game is an educational digital board game commissioned by SALTO Youth.
The aim of the game is to improve the knowledge among young people and youth workers on the cultural and socio-political settings of the Euro-Med countries and on youth projecting by recreating the steps of the implementation of a project (fund raising, partnership building, getting the project approved…) or by quick quiz rounds.

Released as a standalone Mac and Windows app.

Original music by Andrea Baroni

Technologies & Tools: Flash, AS3, MDM Zinc

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