Power Book

Power Book is a Flash XML driven flip book viewer, once on sale on the Envato ActiveDen marketplace.
With the ability to create all your pages directly from the XML, load their background and content from external images or swf files, add text with links, add a background music, contact and share windows, create a summary and load multiple books.

Comes as a webpage component, standalone app (Mac & Windows), and as a component to use in other Flash applications.

Technologies & Tools: Flash, AS3, XML

Photo Ruffle

Photo Ruffle is a Flash XML driven images gallery and slideshow, once on sale on the Envato ActiveDen marketplace (now closed).
It will let you define as many galleries as you want, and add images or swf files in each of them. They will show as physical photos, scattered randomly on a virtual table, and the user will be able to interact with them, moving them and picking them to watch at full size.

It also comes with a standalone editor to generate the galleries XML files using an easy to use visual interface.

Technologies & Tools: Flash, AS3, XML, Flex