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A cabinet of curiosities of game dev experiments and ramblings

Godot Fmod & Ink Integration + Dialogue System

Starting to experiment with Godot 4, I decided to try and integrate Fmod and Inkle Ink, to create a very basic prototype of a top-view narrative game. I also implemented a simple dynamic dialogue system that reacts to Ink output and plays audio from Fmod (Animal Crossing kind of style 🦝 😬).

Many thanks to Alessandro Famà for his Godot Fmod integration and to the InkGD contributors, that made this possible.

Playful Stickers

Prototype created in Unity for a potential mobile children's game. It features the integration with Fmod to create a dynamic soundtrack based on the stickers placed on the screen, plus animated characters using the built-in 2D character rigging tools.

Surviving Christmas

A little fun pixelart Christmassy game created in Phaser 3 for Plus Two.

ps: leaderboard does not work anymore, and don't worry about adding your email, it's not stored or used.

Playing with Science

Prototype created in Unity (a looong time ago!) for an educational game about science, where basic science principles are thought via interactive experiments.
Only one experiment ended up being playable in the demo, but the idea is still cool I think!