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iconMy Handicraft Shop is the essential app if you own a small shop (or manage for example a handicraft stand in a fair or marketplace) and want to keep track of your inventory, prices and sales… with ease and style!


You will be able to:

  • manage your items inventory, with prices, availability and photos
  • manage your sales sessions, to keep track of your sales and earnings
  • manage the items categories and easily order and filter your inventory
  • add photos and other useful info for each item
  • manage multiple databases (SQLite) directly from the app, and easily switch between them
  • set your shop currency
  • discover your top sellers, or your top grossing items
  • export your items or sales lists as CSV (to import them into any spreadsheet software)
  • no hidden costs or in-app purchases
  • offline: no need for Wi-Fi or data connection

The app will also store all your databases, CSV exports and images in the app Documents folder, to easily access them via iTunes.

For iOS (Android version coming soon!)

Current versionv.2.10

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My Handicraft Shop App screenshots:


Please watch this quick tutorial video that will show you how to perform most of the app basic operations:

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